Three Kids Laundromat Gramercy Park

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Take your NYC neighborhood or community to new heights with this quality laundry service that will bring your precious laundry to your doorstep in your community. Being a quality laundry service provider in a NYC community and neighborhood to give them friendly doorstep service.

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Fast Turnaround

Same-day turnaround available for laundry. 24 hour service available for dry cleaning and laundered shirts in New York City.

Free Pickup & Delivery

Laundry & dry cleaning pick up at your doorstep in New York City.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Know exactly where your clothes are at with SMS notifications. Go explore New York City. We'll let you know when we're 15 minutes away.

Cleaning Preferences

Set your washing and drying preferences directly in the app. Cleanly caters to your temperature, detergent, and softener preferences.

No More Loose Change

Don't ever worry about having cash or credit cards again. Use Apple Pay or saved credit card in app.

Laundry day, done

Spend time enjoying New York City and doing other things you love. Save 10 hours a month by letting us take care of your laundry & dry cleaning.

Cleanly vs Three Kids Laundromat

CLEANLY Three Kids Laundromat
Turnaround Time Same Day 36 Hours
Delivery Fees FREE You Lug It
Pick up and delivery windows Morning & Evening You Lug It
Time Saved Per Month 10 hours Do It Yourself
Laundry Per Lb $1.50 $2.16
Dry Cleaned Shirt $6.50 $8.43
Laundered Shirt $2.85 $3.94
Dress $12.50 $13.90
Blouse $7.00 $8.62
Suit Jacket $10.00 $11.97
Pants $6.50 $7.63
2 Piece Suit $15.00 $16.77
Skirt $7.00 $7.54
Sweater $8.00 $9.58
Bath Mat $8.00 $8.32
Sweatshirt $8.00 $10.05

Cleanly Reviews

Amanda S.
I'm happy with cleanly and the overall service, but with this past delivery I have a damaged dress. It looks like it was accidentally cut with a scissor, and there's a big hole. I have photos.
Rebecca R.
Love the app! I would love a way to write in special wash settings for my clothes. I separate my towels from clothes but need them washed and bleach separately.
Talia R.
One of my towels came back with bleach stains and I specifically asked not to use bleach (I never ever use bleach for this reason.) also, the pickup was late and I had my order set for 7-8 am and he came at 8:15.
Arie G.
Needed to do our laundry while traveling to new York. Stumbled upon your service and tried it. Everything returned clean, folded, tidy and with a great scent and for a very reasonable price ! Next week in Florida. I really hope you work there...

Three Kids Laundromat Reviews

Josh M.
They hours are not 24/7 the worker waits till I load the washer to tell me I can't was because he was to busy outside being in other ppl business to let me...
Jossy D.
This appears to be a 24 hour Laundromat... But it's not! Lots of rust inside washers and dryers... the floors needs to be sweeped and mopped... The staff...
J J.
The worst place in Inglewood. They claim to be 24 hours but I am waiting for them to open. Never a manager is a support line to call. I hate this place!...
three kids laundromat gramercy park

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