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Need your clothes cleaned? Try Cleanly! San Francisco’s top cleaner.

Cleanly is San Francisco’s #1 laundry & dry cleaning service.

Add prestigious to your San Francisco community with this high quality laundry delivery service that does the residents the great favor of bringing their laundry to them for their convenience. Use this high quality laundry delivery service to a San Francisco neighborhood and make this place more prestigious..There is nothing more special than front door laundry service provided to the neighborhood or community that it is provided in, and will add to the prestigious of the neighborhood. Cleanly high quality laundry service is wonderful for any community or neighborhood it services.

The cleaner of the future

Fast Turnaround

Same-day turnaround available for laundry. 24 hour service available for dry cleaning and laundered shirts in San Francisco.

Free Pickup & Delivery

Laundry & dry cleaning pick up at your doorstep in San Francisco.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Know exactly where your clothes are at with SMS notifications. Go explore San Francisco. We'll let you know when we're 15 minutes away.

Cleaning Preferences

Set your washing and drying preferences directly in the app. Cleanly caters to your temperature, detergent, and softener preferences.

No More Loose Change

Don't ever worry about having cash or credit cards again. Use Apple Pay or saved credit card in app.

Laundry day, done

Spend time enjoying San Francisco and doing other things you love. Save 10 hours a month by letting us take care of your laundry & dry cleaning.

Cleanly vs Super Wash

CLEANLY Super Wash
Turnaround Time Same Day 36 Hours
Delivery Fees FREE You Lug It
Pick up and delivery windows Morning & Evening You Lug It
Time Saved Per Month 10 hours Do It Yourself
Laundry Per Lb $1.50 $2.60
Dry Cleaned Shirt $6.50 $7.63
Laundered Shirt $2.85 $3.85
Dress $12.50 $13.14
Blouse $7.00 $8.54
Suit Jacket $10.00 $11.94
Pants $6.50 $8.73
2 Piece Suit $15.00 $17.15
Skirt $7.00 $8.43
Sweater $8.00 $9.41
Bath Mat $8.00 $8.37
Sweatshirt $8.00 $8.97

Cleanly Reviews

Kirsten C.
I had a great first experience with Cleanly. Very friendly valet and quick service. My only concern is one of my grey sweaters has make up stains along the neckline and sleeves. It got a "we paid extra attention to this" note but unfortunately was not what I was expecting.
Giana T.
Great service, but Cleanly text messages to say valet is on the way and order was delivered came 2 ½ hours after the order was delivered. App never updated to show the valet en route.
Louisa R.
I am so impressed with this service - the people who picked up and dropped off my clothes were incredible! Felt like a friendly concierge service. Clothes folded perfectly and dry cleaning was first rate. I would use it more if the prices were cheaper.
Ryan A.
Provide more clarity on tipping policy so both sides are on the same page. The first two times I had my tip turned down then stopped offering but I always wondered if other carriers expected anything.

Super Wash Reviews

Shad S.
Literally the worst laundromat I've ever been to, and considering I've seen someone shoot up in a different one before, that says a lot. The owners of this...
Justin N.
OK, I officially hate it here. It's to the point I will walk all my shit elsewhere, just so I don't have to use this "super" wash that's 50 feet from my...
Steven S.
Pricing update as of 1/26/2014: $3.00 for the smallest machine. This is the second time I've come here and I'm 2/2 with awful experiences. Most machines...
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