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Need your clothes cleaned? Try Cleanly! Brooklyn’s top cleaner.

Cleanly is Brooklyn’s #1 laundry & dry cleaning service.

This quality laundry delivery service provides a Brooklyn neighborhood with convenience that can not be found in any other company. There is some great feeling that the residents gets at knowing their laundry is in good hands and will be delivered to their front door.

The cleaner of the future

Fast Turnaround

Same-day turnaround available for laundry. 24 hour service available for dry cleaning and laundered shirts in Brooklyn.

Free Pickup & Delivery

Laundry & dry cleaning pick up at your doorstep in Brooklyn.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Know exactly where your clothes are at with SMS notifications. Go explore Brooklyn. We'll let you know when we're 15 minutes away.

Cleaning Preferences

Set your washing and drying preferences directly in the app. Cleanly caters to your temperature, detergent, and softener preferences.

No More Loose Change

Don't ever worry about having cash or credit cards again. Use Apple Pay or saved credit card in app.

Laundry day, done

Spend time enjoying Brooklyn and doing other things you love. Save 10 hours a month by letting us take care of your laundry & dry cleaning.

Cleanly vs E-Z Laundry Cleaners

CLEANLY E-Z Laundry Cleaners
Turnaround Time Same Day 36 Hours
Delivery Fees FREE You Lug It
Pick up and delivery windows Morning & Evening You Lug It
Time Saved Per Month 10 hours Do It Yourself
Laundry Per Lb $1.50 $2.53
Dry Cleaned Shirt $6.50 $7.12
Laundered Shirt $2.85 $3.90
Dress $12.50 $13.74
Blouse $7.00 $8.64
Suit Jacket $10.00 $11.78
Pants $6.50 $7.73
2 Piece Suit $15.00 $17.15
Skirt $7.00 $7.50
Sweater $8.00 $9.00
Bath Mat $8.00 $8.92
Sweatshirt $8.00 $8.87

Cleanly Reviews

Annalie K.
I got a message to say I could have saved $6 if I used "Reserve" on my last order? I am not sure how? When I log onto my account- it shows I am a RESERVE member?
Kristi C.
Unscented fabric softener to make the clothes softer. Dryer sheets were I placed in with my folded laundry but they were unused and seem to be placed in just to get the scent on the bag.
Myles Y.
My colleague told me he is missing some cooking aprons and shirts. I wasn't aware that he added those items into to bags I personally separated (blacks and whites) and I am pretty sure he did not separate them which may have caused some issues. His missing laundry isn't a big issue to me but I'll make sure next time that he informs me of his additional add-ins. Overall I am very pleased by the wash and fold.
Noelle T.
you need a pretreatment opyion. many of my tops have food stains on them without stain treatment I just get the top back with a greasy stain on that won't come out hence a ruined top. thx

E-Z Laundry Cleaners Reviews

Traceena P.
I usually don't write bad reviews but I'll be remiss if I don't. Beware, this establishment is extremely misleading and unprofessional. I was told my dry...
Irene M.
We called them to get our laundry delivered and they informed us it would take 2 1/2 hours. It arrived 4/12 hours after we called and the guy rang the...
Pauline N.
A little pricier than most laundromats, but I do self-service and pay under 10 bucks for 2 loads. The drop off price is $.80/lb with a $10 minimum with...
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